- THE NEW Patented Gemma 8 Powered by Induction System -

Gemma 8

“A New ERA Of Roasting”

The Gemma 8 Coffee Roaster born in Torino Italy January 2023. As the manufacturer, Sweet Coffee Italia takes pride for developing one of the highest quality Italian artisan coffee roaster, specifically design for any Coffee Roaster.
With the Gemma 8 You can roast 650 Lbs daily.

The Gemma 8 roaster is available in various colors

Gemma Roster 8kg machine

Induction Heating Coffee Roasting Machine. Induction heating is achieved through a coil placed outside the container cylinder of the roasting chamber, induced currents in the drum created by the Joule effect power heat in the drum itself, which in turn transfers heat to the rotating drum by radiation and convection Heating of the rotating drum is deliberately indirect to avoid overheating of the rotating drum called the coil conformed in such a way as to allow the entry of a flow of air from below for the extraction of volatile products that are produced during the roasting process and escape from above An insulating layer is placed on the outside of the container drum to the protection of the induction coil Power control over the coil is achieved by referring to the temperature of the air inside the drum rotating and detected utilizing a thermocouple placed inside the rotating drum and placing a limit on the maximum temperature of the outer cylinder detected through the thermocouple The airflow is regulated utilizing a regulating valve of the exhaust airflow It is controlled according to the error of the temperature inside referred to as the thermocouple

Gemma Roster 8kg machine

“A New ERA Of Roasting”

Take Care the Environment and save more than 60% on raw materials.

technical specifications

Capacity Kg 6-8

Control unit model Gefran 3850 T

Drum diameter mm 340

Drum length mm 420

Calculated loading volume cm³ 19.000

Toasting cycle time min. 15/18

Roasting cycles h 4

Maximum load capacity gr 10.000

Maximum drum rotation speed r/min. 78

Maximum driving torque of drum shaft Nm 2,4

Maximum drive torque of the cooler shaft Nm 2

Displayed zones n° 4

Thermoregulated zones n° 2

Total heater power Watt 7.500

Air requirement for cooling cm³ 93

Oil content l No

Cooler motor group power Watt 1.000

Drum motor group power Watt 750

Skinner motor group power (opt.) Watt 100

Total installed power Watt 9.500

Power supply 3F+N+Earth Volt 400,0

Power Supply (Current) A 15

Total net weight (including chaff collector cyclone) Kg 350

 Maximum overall dimensions (L x H x P) mm 1.800 x 1.100 x 1.820

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