We are an Italian company of experts in the manufacture and sale of espresso coffee machines and coffee grinders. We have machines for large producers, restaurants and for the home.

The excellence of our products is based on Italian manufacturing quality and aesthetic appeal. From the design concept to the finished product, all our equipment is made in one country: Italy.”
The skills of Italian master craftsmen, whose expertise is passed down from generation to generation, are evident in our products. 

We also offer professional training for your new or existing coffee business. Whether you want to make a name for yourself as a coffee connoisseur or want your business to sell quality coffee, we’re here to help.

The Italian master-craftsmen skills, whose expertise is passed down from one generation to the next, are evident in our products. “Knowing hands” are essential to making a product of such premium manufacturing quality espresso machines, and professional coffee grinders.

Our identity reflects the Italian values where everything is manufactured and locally sourced. Each of our equipment is prized because they are the embodiment of “Made in Italy” and because the production philosophy was always based on high quality, engineering design and elegance.